NEOLAX is an organization governed by Dan Usaj and Jim Scully, along with parent volunteers. NEOLAX is coached by a hybrid team of former and current players, head coaches and assistant parent coach volunteers. Our program is open to all boys in the Cleveland area and will be consistently one of the premier youth Spring lacrosse programs in Cleveland.

We are an east side, community based program run by High School Varsity coaches and parent volunteers, who are interested in promoting the value of youth sports programs provide an enjoyable learning environment for the physical, social and personal development of youngsters.

The likelihood that youngsters will realize positive sports values is enhanced when adult sports leaders take the responsibility to serve as facilitators of desirable sports outcomes. This can be achieved when coaches assume a role as teacher and carry out lesson plans that develop skills progressively, emphasize positive sports values, and encourage life-long interest in sports participation.

NEOLAX is open to all boys in the Cleveland area. Our teams will be offered to current 3rd-6th graders. We will not have a 7/8th grade program because we believe in growing lacrosse players to play in their current 7/8 township or school programs.  



NEOLAX Mission

To create a fun and challenging developmental lacrosse program 

for young boys that teaches them the 

skills to compete and excel at the game of lacrosse.

About Us

Teams Offered


NEOLAX with be hosting 3 teams for the spring 2020 season. We had a successful first year with 32 players in our program!  We will have a detailed focus on skill development and growth. Our teams for 2020 will be 2 Bantam (current 3rd – 4th graders) and Youth (current 5th – 6th graders).

Team Before Me


The one basic rule for our lacrosse players, “Team before Me,” encompasses all we teach at NEOLAX. It requires the student/athlete to take responsibility for his actions. Our players are taught to understand that being part of a team requires consideration of the impact of their conduct on their teammates and classmates. While we applaud individual effort, we stress the responsibility inherent in playing as part of a team: placing the good of the team before individual attention or accomplishment. We stress the importance of becoming part of something that is larger than the individual. Together, we are much stronger than we are by ourselves

Cost Info


NEOLAX Spring 2020 Cost : $275

Early Bird (before March 1) $225

  • Price Includes:
  • Reversible NEOLAX pinney
  • Field Rental
  • Trainer Pay
  • Coaches Pay
  • League Dues
  • Website Dues
  • Ref Pay
  • Equipment Fees: Balls, Goals and cones

Players will need all equipment: Helmet, Gloves, Arm Guards, Rib Pads, Shoulder Pads, Mouth Piece, Cleats, Lacrosse Stick and Protective Cup. 


All practices and game times/dates are subject to change 

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